Oishi’s smartcard with ‘Spider marketing’ strategy / สมาร์ทการ์ดของโออิชิกับกลยุทธ์การตลาดแบบใยแมงมุม


Sarinda Wongkosolsuk

Hypothesis Statement: “Oishi’s smartcard with ‘Spider marketing’ strategy will increase the number of its members and create more customers’ brand loyalty”

Topic Category: Marketing Strategy and Customer Loyalty

Publication: Manager Online

Date: November 2nd, 2005

Article Summary:

“Oishi uses ฿ 10 million budgets to launch its smartcard and put new menu on Chinese-Korean-Japanese foods”.

The marketing strategy of Oishi in 2006 is to bring all restaurants in Oishi group to do co-promotion through its new smartcard. The strategy is called “Spider marketing”, which has the main objective of creating more customers’ brand loyalty. This smartcard, which was planned to launch in the beginning of 2006, will have the same characteristic with debit card and also keep the customer’s information inside.

My Opinion:

I agree with Oishi’s strategy because of many reasons.

1) The smartcard will help Oishi knows more about the preferences of each customer because it keeps all customer’s record inside. The company can use those data to do further research to forecast the trends and innovate new products and services.

2) As Oishi has a plan to do CRM, the data in smartcard will transfer to be very good database for the company to better serve and aim for customers’ most satisfaction.

3) Not only keeping the data inside, Oishi’s smartcard can be used as a debit card for all alliance shops and restaurants (spider marketing strategy). Most customers will perceive that this smartcard make their life easier. They don’t have to carry lots of member cards from many shops and restaurants when they go out. Also, it would be so easy for the customers who use it as a debit card because they can just pay and get discounts by giving only one card to the personnel.

Although it’s not late for doing new things, I think Oishi should have implemented CRM long before. I don’t know how Oishi can handle 40,000 members effectively without CRM in the past.

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